The wheels are in motion!

The wheels are in motion!

We are about two weeks away from completion on our new house now. Our solicitors (the most boring people in the entire world) have said that everything is looking good and that we could even be in by the end of this month. Its a very odd feeling, I’m excited to move but I feel a little sad. Hmm, hormones.

Yesterday in preparation for the move, I went to town on my wardrobe and filled two whole bin bags of clothes, belts, bags and shoes. Most of them went into the pile of ‘what was I thinking?’ and a few were definitely in the ‘that was wishful thinking’ pile. I’m going to take them to the charity shop today as some point when I can find clothes which aren’t pyjamas. Hopefully someone with actual taste and a  body to die for will get more use out of them than I will. Next stop is the cupboards of crap, you know the one that you just open the door throw the unwanted, uncategorised item in and hope that the door closes. Yes those cupboards. I’m going in there with a vengeance. I am going to be ruthless, I am declaring war on stuff we don’t use. I’ll let you know how it goes.

A lot of people online are talking about the KonMari method and its principles. I like it, if it doesn’t make you happy- chuck it! It works when it comes to your wardrobe, bathrooms cabinets and potentially husbands. I’m not too sure you can relate it to every part of your house though. I don’t really like my ironing board (it hates me) but I also don’t like creased clothes so… thats got to stay unfortunately.

This week, I have been pinteresting like a woman possessed, if you want to see what I’ve been pinning, Follow me

I have boards for everything- home ideas, garden, food. I never make anything I pin, I intend to, I just don’t get round to it. I always get great inspiration and ideas from Pinterest though. So with the new house I hope to use all the ideas I’ve been saving for a rainy day!



I just wanted to talk a little bit about what I am going to do with this little blog. The house that we are buying is in a pretty bad state and its going to take a lot of renovation! I’m so excited to get my hands dirty and I feel like I’m going to ripping down walls with my bare hands before we have shut the front door if someone doesn’t stop me!

As I constantly refer to the internet for everything from how to garden to hanging pictures, I thought I would document my home renovation so that others could follow my journey (and maybe not make my mistakes).

Its going to be so fun and I just cant wait.

Next step- Moodboards!



I am so excited (don’t know if you could tell by the title)! Hubby has just phoned and the owners have found somewhere else and have had an offer accepted. That just means that we are one amazing step closer!

I physically can’t stop looking at Pinterest for ideas and inspiration- I thought I was addicted to Pinterest during the wedding but this is just next level!

I can’t wait to get in in now, all this paperwork is driving me bonkers. Half of it is like reading a NASA instruction manual and the other half (the understandable half) is like reading corporate drivel. Why don’t they just write down- would you like the house? And have a tick box next to it that says ‘yes please’. Perfect sign on the dotted line, its yours on tuesday.

We get the homebuyers report tomorrow- I’m nervous but I’m super excited that the wheels are in motion.


We bought a house!

We bought a house!


I’m so excited to be starting this blog all about the newest chapter in our lives and inviting you all along for the journey. I think the title says it all, we have bought a house (well kind of).

Here is where we are at now- we have made an offer and it has been accepted. We are now waiting for the current owners to find somewhere else. Luckily we are not reliant on a chain at our end as we are renting our current house out (hubbys home). I have no experience of buying a house as this is my first time and I have a feeling that I might be a little bit impatient for all of this hanging around malarkey.

Every day I ask my husband so what now- solicitors, surveys… eugh the list just goes on and on.

Just give me the keys… Please!